Recycling RangersAims:  To educate children on the importance of saving energy so that it becomes a habit they can take through their life

Programme Description: Our programme is a 45 minute workshop taken by Brooke the energy rescuer. It consists of:
  • Introduction to energy
  • What,why and how to save energy
  • Learning the energy saving song and dance
  • The interactive energy saving story
  • The energy saving badge promise (each child is give a badge)
  • The energy saving game – where the children learn to work as a team to save energy
  • The energy magic trick
  • A surprise visit from Rozzie the rat
  • A book for each child to take home to reinforce the energy saving message.

Rozzie The Rat - Magdalen GatesDuration: 45 minutes this can be tailored to fit your schools’ needs.

Number of pupils: Between 12-35

Profile of pupils: Aged between 4-11

Location and Resources: All we need is a classroom or empty space to set up workshop.



Energy Rescuers Children Illustration

Click here to listen to the Recycling Rangers song as a flavour of the Energy Rescuers environmental themed songs!

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