Brooke and EveBrooke and Sara West are a mother and daughter team who write children’s books and bring their stories to life by creating workshops.

Brooke and Sara are Norfolk based but spent several years in California writing for My Pillow Pets.

After working for some years with My Pillow Pets and other companies such as D. C. Thompson, The Dogs Trust and with Artist Paul Trevilion, they decided to star a new book project about something they feel extremely passionate about…recycling and saving energy.

Brooke and Sara have been working with children across Norfolk and America teaching them the importance of recycling and now have created a new workshop about saving energy.

They are looking forward to spreading the energy saving message with a little help from Rozzie the Rat.

All our educators and associates are fully DBS credited.The Tea


Emily AysonEmily Ayson

Emily is a freelance writer and independent academic who helps out the Energy Rescuers with all aspects of their writing work. She graduated from UEA with a first class undergraduate degree and a Masters with distinction in Media Culture and Society, specialising in subcultural and fandom studies. She is a contributing writer to a local business magazine and has been published by Aurora Metro Books in ‘Counter Culture UK: A Celebration’. When not working her day job, she enjoys going to concerts, computer games, travelling and walking her dog, Alfie. She is very excited to be working alongside The Energy Rescuers and hopes that their vital work will inspire as many children as possible to help save the planet.

Susan Falch-LoveseySusan Falch-Lovesey

Sue established and ran Norfolk County Council’s Environmental Education and Outdoor Learning Service and this is how she initially had the pleasure to work with Sarah and Brooke.  Sue loves bringing talented people together to develop projects that can make a positive impact on and for our next generation.  Energy Rescuers really hits the mark and this dynamic and inspiring mother and daughter team give it their all to entertain and educate our youngest children; supporting them, their schools and their parents to develop good habits early. Why would you not want to save energy, save money and save the planet? Starting early means that energy and effort is more effectively focused on the challenges that need the brain power – the rest becomes natural. Sue now works as Local Liaison Officer  for Vattenfall UK and is really excited  to work within the renewables industry. She is totally committed to enabling opportunities for our students to make their positive mark on the low carbon economy.

Rebecca FarnumRebecca Farnum

Rebecca Farnum is a 2012 Marshall Scholar currently pursuing a PhD in Geography at King’s College London. She loves working with young people and helps coordinate the Bright Futures programme at Holt Hall. Becca works with the Rescuers to develop new environmental education tools and connect university students with outreach opportunities. She holds an LLM in International Law focused on environmental and human rights law from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc in Water Security and International Development from the University of East Anglia. You can find out more about Becca on her website.



Cherish WattonCherish Watton
Cherish set up and manages the Energy Rescuers website. Cherish is currently studying History at Lucy Cavendish College Cambridge. She continues to run her business, Cherish Watton Enterprises, which focuses on environmental education, evaluation, and website design.




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